Vision and Mission


Oxford's vision is to be the preeminent recruiting company in the world.


Our mission is to Recruit, Stay Vital, Stay Connected, and Stay Ahead.


We proactively recruit and comprehensively interview a continuous stream of critically skilled talent in our target skill sets. Our recruiting and interviewing expertise distinguishes Oxford from the crowd and delivers unmatchable value to our clients and consultants.

Stay Vital

  • We stay vital by constantly seeking, finding, and serving the heart of our chosen markets through effective recruiting and interviewing.
  • We continuously refresh our client and contractor base as previously critical skills become common and new skills become critical.
  • We invest in systems, services and training to empower our employees to serve our clients and contractors with excellence.
  • By staying vital, we actively focus on our market niche where clients value our recruiting expertise and Oxford is best differentiated.

Stay Connected

  • We stay connected with the market through direct, candid communications.
  • We build mutually beneficial relationships where our staff listens, advises, and learns from our clients and contractors.
  • By staying connected, Oxford understands, anticipates, and responds to the markets' ever changing demands and helps our clients and contractors do the same.

Stay Ahead

  • We stay ahead by recruiting, staying vital and staying connected.
  • We help our clients stay ahead by providing The Right Talent. Right Now.®
  • We help our contractors and staff employees stay ahead by providing the right opportunities, right now.