PeopleSoft Contractors

Oracle’s PeopleSoft product line serves as North America’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool in North America. For this reason alone, Oxford is always seeking contractors who are proficient in PeopleSoft’s financial, human capital, supply chain, and lifecycle management tools. 

Oxford’s PeopleSoft contractors have worked with universities, banks and nonprofits to enable global access to human resource analytics, such as talent retention, productivity and service deliverables.

Oxford’s recruiting team fielded more than 100 PeopleSoft engagements last year, providing ample opportunities for our freelancers to find an opportunity that matches their expertise, interests and availability.

If you have an interest in working as a PeopleSoft contractor, let Oxford help you find your next great engagement. 

Download our PeopleSoft datasheet, find out if you're a good fit with Oxford, or submit your CV today.